The recently formed Highways Sector Council (HSC) has been officially launched in the UK amid the Covid-19 crisis.

The council, which first came together in September last year, will work to facilitate collaboration between the highway sector and the central and state governments.

In addition, the council is expected to support innovation in the sector and drive economic and social benefits for the partners.

HSC members include highways contractors, local authority organisations and national agencies, including CIHT.

Highways Sector Council chair Leon Daniels said: “The Council was established to transform how the highways sector delivers.“ In creating this powerful alliance, we want to drive through change by addressing the challenges we face as a sector including decarbonisation, new technologies, skills, investment and delivery models.

The council has also formed a Covid-19 focus working group that will work to address the challenges, primarily in the highway sector, posed by the outbreak.

The Covid-19 focus group is currently working to develop guidance for the sector that will help stakeholders to ensure the delivery of maintenance and capital schemes.

It will also deliver a set of advice that will help highway operators carry out necessary tasks complying with government-mandated restrictions.

CIHT chief executive Sue Percy said: “CIHT is pleased to be a founding member of the Highways Sector Council. “We are committed to working as part of the Council to support the transformation of the highways sector through coming together in partnership to help address some key challenges.”