Highways Sector Council

HSC announces new council members and launches Future Leaders Group

The Highways Sector Council has announced nine new appointments to broaden its representation of the industry and to transform delivery in the highways sector, using a unified voice and approach so the industry can work in greater partnership with central and local government.

The new appointments are:

  • Nick Jones, Sky Blue
  • Tim Cockayne, Chevron Traffic Management Group
  • Ann Carruthers, Leicestershire County Council
  • Steve Gooding, RAC Foundation and the new President of CILT
  • John Lamb, Braintree District Council
  • Steve Birdsall, Gaist Solutions Limited
  • Steve Hill, McLaren Applied
  • Howard Cooke, Asphalt Group Ltd and
  • Karla Jakeman, Innovate UK

HSC Chair Leon Daniels OBE said: “The Council has already made a big difference in helping the sector during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as discussing with Department of Transport how huge strides the sector can make together. Following a long process, I am delighted that we can appoint these talented and amazing people as full members of the Highways Sector Council.”

The HSC has also announced a newly formed Future Leaders Group which will be chaired by existing Council member Anna Delvecchio of Mott MacDonald. The HSC is committed to promoting, attracting and supporting a diverse and inclusive sector. The new Group will play a key role in ensuring the highways sector attracts skilled candidates from all backgrounds and retains its existing talent.

“We have established a Future Leaders Group who will take a lead role in delivering ‘making highways a career of choice’. This is an incredibly important piece of work that will shape the future of the sector and we believe is best delivered by our future leaders,” Leon added. “It is vital that we invest in our future and by bringing talented young people into close contact with industry leaders and Government we can establish a strong talent pool.”

The HSC will be soon announcing further appointments of a number of other important highways sector leaders to new roles to further support the work of the Council.


Highways UK- HSC one year on : VIDEO

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People on webinar from HSC are:

Leon Daniels, Adam Green, James Haluch, Elliot Shaw and Anna Delvecchio