Council Vacancies

Number of Vacancies: Multiple
Type: Both Private and Public Sector (see below for details)
Remuneration: Voluntary
Time Requirements: The council meets 4 times a year.  Because of circumstances arising from COVID-19 and work to get the council focus areas established. We have been meeting more frequently. Even when this has normalised there will still be frequent progress calls involving council members and voluntary work that will need to be undertaken as part of the Highways Sector Council programme of work (HSC)

Applications are now closed

The Highways Sector Council (HSC) is looking to fill a number of vacancies on its newly formed council. The Council is a partnership of both the private and public sector organisations covering both strategic and local roads.

The Council has been created to help transform delivery in the highways sector, using a unified voice and approach so the industry can work in greater partnership with central and local government. It aims to drive innovation across the sector to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits for business, communities and all road users.

What we are looking for:

  • Senior and respected industry leaders and/or high performers
  • Individuals who can commit their time to attend council meetings and lead (through appropriate resources) key pieces of work on behalf of the Highways Sector Council.
  • Be able to communicate with and represent the views of the wider industry.
  • Be able to demonstrate an ability to collaborate with the wider industry.
  • Open and collaborative behaviours
  • Bring a unique skill set/capability to the council
  • Demonstrate a strategic vision
  • Ability to think creatively

When applying, candidates should demonstrate evidence of skills/expertise/experience which they could bring to the role which may include:

  • Previous experience of being part of a board or part of sector wide groups.
  • An understanding of the key challenges and opportunities faced in the highways sector.
  • Ability to contribute and bring together a broad range of key stakeholders and the supply chain to deliver change.
  • The ability to inspire and develop others

The Roles

We are looking to fill a number of vacancies from both the private and public sector. Public sector nominations will be drawn from local highways authorities (county, unitary, metropolitan borough and London borough – one of which will have a DLO) and a representative from the sub-national transport bodies.

From the private sector, we are looking for SME and contractor/consultant senior nominations.

Any individuals applying will need to be a current senior employee of a local authority, DLO or equivalent. Any private sector individuals applying will need to be an employee of their said company.

The HSC is committed to promote, attract and support a diverse and inclusive sector to reflect the diverse communities that we serve. We wish to encourage diversity of thought and leadership on the Council through attracting candidates from all parts of the highways sector.


Applications are now closed

Highways Sector Council news

Protecting Your Workforce Guidance Document - Download

This guidance is based upon the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Site operating procedures Version 4 published on 18th May 2020 and has been adapted for the local highways sector where appropriate.

These are exceptional circumstances and the industry must always comply with the latest Government advice on Coronavirus (Covid-19).

These Local Highways Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) are based on Government guidance on Working safely during coronavirus (Covid-19) - Construction and other outdoor work; other restrictions and advice may apply in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Where workers enter people’s homes, they should follow the Government guidance on Working in Other People’s Homes.

The HSE is the relevant enforcing authority for occupational health and safety legislation and guidance to control public health risks in the construction sector. If a site is not consistently implementing the measures set out by the Government, it may be subject to enforcement action.

Download the full guidance document here

COVID19 - Safe Operating Procedures